December 15, 2010

for he's a jolly good fellow.

post production




If you have a dog it's always a good Idea to keep the negatives save and scan all the pictures before he finds them
...just saying! If you want to see his artwork on my pictures, check my tumblr !I can't be mad at him today anyway,
because it's his birthday (well, kind of) Asim turns 6 month today -unbelievable, I know, he is already such a huge
monster (as you can see in the pictures above, he still has a big love for nibbling on my fingers, it just hurts more
by now) I can't believe that he's supposed to grow till he's one year old...

...look how small he was when we first met:
Asim when he was only 3 months


  1. what a gorgeous dog, and what a lovely blog you have x

  2. your puppy is the cutest ever, he seems like he has an old soul <3

  3. Your dog is adorable!!!!:)

    Loving your blog dear!! Stop by sometime, I hope you like it!!