-Photography and Cameras

What Cameras/Lenses do you use for your pictures?
In the majority of cases I use a Contax RTS (mostly with a Carl Zeiss Planar 1.4 50mm lens) and a Nikkormat EL (mostly with a Nikkor 1:2.8 28mm lens), I also have a Nikon FE2, but I don't use it very often. If you wanna know which of these cameras I used in a specific Post, just check the labels at the end of that Post, I always label the camera I used.

Is this a Fashion, Photography or Lifestyle Blog?
I don't know...as you like!

How do you make your pictures look so vintage? Do you edit them?
No, I don't really edit them at all. That "vintage look" comes from me only using old film cameras, that's all.

Who takes the pictures on your blog?
I take all the pictures on this blog. If someone else was be behind the camera, I mention it precisely.

Who takes the Pictures with you in it??
ME as well.

-Self Portraits

How do you put the self timer on your vintage camera?
Most of my cameras have a built in self timer. Quite a few Cameras from the mid 70s had that feature…it's not a very new invention. If you have a vintage camera without built in self timer, you can find accessory self timer in antique camera shops, fleamarkets or on ebay.

How do you take your self portraits outside?
I actually don't always have a tripod with me! If I'm wearing a handbag, I usually carry a little bean bag, that is a very nice support for heavy cameras like my contax. But most of the time I only have my camera itself and somehow always find a place to put my it on.

Why do your self portraits look so spontaneous and natural?
A self-portrait doesn't always have to be stiff, staring at the camera, you can move and still catch something spontaneous. Don't see self portraits as an own field of photography with strict rules, they are just portraits -I take them the way I would any other portrait.


What breed is Asim/ where can I get one like him?
He's a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and I know a lot of people ask, but that is about all that I can tell you about that topic. I didn't "choose" him in point of breed and appearance. He was already three month old and named when he came to my life, he was skinny full of little scratches and shaking all over his body..who would have known that he would turn into a such a collectors item of a fancy breed.

How old is Asim?
He was born 06.13.2010 -sorry, you have to do the math now, because I'm too lazy to update this every month.

How do you make Asim pose for pictures?
I DON'T!! I only take pictures of Asim if he happens to be around and only in his natural behavior, he isn't forced or trained to do anything! He just doesn't mind cameras anymore, because he grew up with me having one in front of my face all the time.

-marguerite gisele


  1. Where do you get your film developed? Just a local shop?

    1. Yes, most of the time just a local shop around the corner. I do sometimes go to a more professional lab (but that I really can't afford for all my films) whenever I want bigger prints or something like that...it also depends on the film I used and the general quality of the pics...but most of the time, just the local shop.

  2. Hello dear Marguerite
    I wonder if you cut your gorgeous bangs yourself or do you get them done by someone else? They are my bang-inspiration and tomorrow I'll cut them (once again, after a long long time without :) )
    and I wonder too, if you are a professional photographer? Or at least you must be doing something creative for a living, don't you? I try to figure out for myself if that is even possible... ;)
    Have a nice evening <3

    1. Hello my dear Kristen
      My bangs are and will always be cut my wonderful maman, she invented these "bangs around your face" to successfully hide my big ears and forehead in one step! I only recut them inbetween, when she isn't around.
      And no, I'm not a professional photographer, I only started taking photography more seriously 1 1/2 years ago, but I hope to get there one day. And I don't know if what I do for a living is creative...at the moment I'm just creative at keeping myself and Asim alive :)

  3. Hello,

    I have just recently found your blog and think it's really great!
    Just a quick question, I bought a contax RTS recently but am having trouble with the battery. I bought what i thought was the right kind (6.2v silver-oxide battery (544) but it doesnt seem to fit.. what is the battery you use??

    Thankyou, loving the photos