November 21, 2013



Let's try something new ! This time I won't start by apologizing for how long it's been and promise betterment -too many posts began that way by now and I feel very silly catching myself writing the same stuff over and over again.  The only thing I will repeat is my gratitude for your comments and mails, they meant a lot to me...that also sounds old after a while, I know, but it's true.

This blog is so beloved to me that I will never be able to really move away from it. It helped me in many ways to experiment with my creative interests and I probably would have never taken a serious step towards photography without it. Every time I have been gone I really miss my posting on here, there is something very healthy about having a constant outlet for any kind of ideas and inspirations. It even makes me a bit angry that I don't use it as often as I did in the past.

 A few weeks ago I went on a little trip to the country. I suddenly had a lot of time for myself (and Asim) so I went on many excursion through the forests and fields, talked to goats and stole some corn (just kidding -don't take the title to this post too seriously) and somehow this little story happened.

You may have already noticed that not only my blog has a new appearance, but that there is also a new addition to my posts. I thought it would be a nice idea to put a little mix together whenever I do a new story. It will be a soundtrack not only to the post, but also to what I was listening to in the time the pictures were taken. A mix of the music I loved and what was playing around me, by the people I was with or the places I stayed at -do you like that idea?

Thank you for still being here and I would also like to send a very warm hello to anyone that happened to find this blog in my absence!

Oh, and please excuse if my english got bit rusty! 
click below to see if the little corn thif got home well. 

April 26, 2013


It has been seven weeks since my last entry on this blog. I think even for an unreliable and infrequent blogger like me, that was a long absence. Then again, everything seems so different now that seven weeks sound way too short. To begin with something funny, I look very different, I haven't found the interest in styling my hair lately and I wear glasses on a day to day basis now as I am too lazy for contact lenses. Asim has become very unruly, the puberty rebellions of such a huge dog can be a bit straining from time to time. All at once everyday struggles have become much more complicated, the move, a new work, somehow all that was much more challenging this time. And right now my family is saying a very long and painful final good bye to my Aunt . It's not an unexpected good bye, we all knew that she would leave us much too soon for her time, but you can never truly be prepared for something like that, I guess.

So far this year has made me lose my lightness, something that always was a big part of the pictures I made for this blog. I have shot six films since I last been on here, but I don't like them. I never even thought like that about my photos before, I just took them out of the moment, out of the mood I was in and that was all. It was all a learning experience, to see the outcome and post it on here. Now I just don't like what I see, or feel like it looks like stuff I have done a million times before in the past, just better. I have missed blogging very much, much more than I would have thought. Still I suddenly feel a bit unfamiliar with this place...I don't even know what I'm writing about here, I'm not good with words.

I received many thoughtful mails from you  and it is a lovely but unexpected surprise that quite a few new people decided to join this blog as a reader without me even updating once.  I just thought I check in today and tell you where I am at the moment.