May 26, 2011

my head was someplace else.

I feel like I haven't been here for ages! The past two weeks were filled with a lot of stressful things that kept my head
away from any creativity. Beside that I was totally cut off from internet-land, first my internet connection broke, and
then my computer decided to stop working entirely as well! But at least those problems are solved now and everything
is fixed and running again. Something that I can’t seem to fix that easily, are the worrys my poor Asim is having right
now! We had a small car accident on the way to the vet, no one was hurt, but he got a huge shock. His body was
shaking all over for a whole day, and he still is very fearful and nervous...but we’re working on it day by day, and I’m
sure the world out there will look much brighter to him soon.


  1. glad you are back. :)

    Sorry to hear of your stress lately and your internet woes... technology can be such a pain sometimes.

    Hope Asim gets better, I am sure it was very scary. Glad you guys are ok.

  2. Armer Asim, da hat er aber ein paar Extra-Streicheleinheiten verdient! Ich hoffe, dir ist nichts passiert...

  3. Sometimes technology frustrates me too. I'm sorry to hear about your stressful time. I hope you and your dog get through the shock of it all soon. Take care dear!


  4. Thank you all sooo much <3

    trailsanderrors: Mir gehts auch gut -danke der Nachfrage ;)

  5. Poor Asim, bless his heart, I wish him a speedy recovery x
    I've just been catching up over here, the video in the previous post is fantastic, just perfect!! I wish you both a lovely weekend xx