December 20, 2011

we packed up home and left.


Sorry that it took me so long to come back to my beloved blogworld, but the move was more straining than I thought it would be. My poor Asim got really scared when eight big men came and started packing up our home in a huge van. And I guess he knew that we wouldn't come back when we left the empty apartment, because he didn't wanted to move away from the front door, he laid on the ground and it took some hard work to convince him to come with me. The whole 4 hour drive to our new apartment he was shaking all over his body -it broke my (already homesick) heart! But don't worry, he is settling in quite well by now...we both are! We have a wonderful big park right next to our new home, and more green spots around than we could ever dream off. I hope to soon show you some pictures from our new place and environment.

Oh, before I forget, do you have any good tips for recovering from a bad allergy attack? I'm trying shake off the dust allergy that is torturing my lungs since packing tons of books in and out of 50 moving boxes -most important New Year's resolution: dusting up all the books every week!!!!


  1. Lots of fresh air. And should you really startvavNew Year revolution?

  2. Merlinboss: Ha, ha, I should really get some fresh air ;) I edited my little mistake -Thank you!

  3. I hope the new house is comfortable and welcoming for you both :-) green areas are certainly nice!

  4. Wish well for the happy move.
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  5. i'm afraid i cann't be of nay help when it come to your dust allergy...
    that's a whole lot of books you've got!

    i'm glad the move when relatively good! a lot of green areas are always appreciated... :)

  6. Ich wünsche euch alles Gute im neuen zu Hause. Asim wird inmitten von grünen Parks viel zu tollen haben.

  7. how's the new place by now? I hope Asim is adapting well by now and i also hope all is well in your new home