February 27, 2012

first signs of a new season.

first tulips of 12
light and shadow
...the first warm rays of sunshine inspired me to experiment a bit with light and shadow.

And perfectly fitting to that early spring sunshine, the lovely Polly from Passer Domesticus (an adorable blog, by the way) gave me the sunshine award -thank you, dear Polly! I'm getting a lot of internet love at the moment, and I'm very thankful for that.

I know that these awards always have strict rules, questions to answer and so on, but I'm not a "tag" person, and I certainly don't like to follow rules (Oh, I'm such a rebel!!!), but I do like that they always request to mention some other lovely poeple in the blog world. So I'll only take that one part of the game and name 5 wonderful blogs off my personal reading list...just like that, without any awards or rules, if you pardon me.

Here we go:
u mnie (which is a tumblr not a blogspot, but hey, no rules, right?), unexpected behaviour of light, Alexandria Daniels, Cinnamon Girl (yummy!!..I adore good baking blogs, let me know if you have any recommendations!), and last but not least James H Duncan , who is not a photographer, but a wonderful Writer and Poet.


  1. I am glad my sunshine award made you happy, Marguerite :-)

  2. ps: and thanks for the links, always nice to discover new blogs :)

  3. tulips are such beautiful flowers. really nice photos.