March 29, 2012

those football players and their hairstyles.

different directions

So I know I'm teeny tiny in these pics, but I still feel like I have to apologies for the glowing orange that shines from my head. After colouring and bleaching my hair for ten years now…yeah, ten years (that either means I started too young or I'm already very old -I leave that up to you! ) I decided to go back to my natural roots, not because I think orange is a lovely colour (I never really liked my natural carrots hair) but because I'm slowly trying to cut down on chemical products in my life. For a long while the films in my camera were very friendly to my outgrowing roots and always showed my hair much more presentable as it was, but now BANG I'm a Kobold. Well, I guess I have to embrace the orange now...or get photoshop for colour correcting!

By the way, I have a little question to the Ladies reading my blog -did any of you made the same discovery, that as your natural hair is growing out, it changes into a more intensive colour over time?? I think it's weird that without me doing anything, my colour still seems to evolve…maybe because of the long bleaching or because I still used blue shampoo for a long while because I had tons left of it?? -I don't know, thought maybe a few of you lovely girls could tell me when that effect will stop.

And for the men that are now bored we can discuss if it is called soccer or football...just to stick to the cliche.


  1. Nice pictures as usual lady M! It's been a while since my last visit but I've been out of the blogsphere for a while, now I'm back...and of course your blog is the first one that I decided to visit and catch up with.
    As for the hair color, I had very blonde/red hair when I was a baby, never dyed my hair and now, at 28 (ocuh! it hurts to tell my age, hehe) my hair is almost pitch black, but still have red highlights. So I guess it's a natural process, maybe the sun has something to do with it..I really don't know. :-p But I wanted to say 'yes, I know what you mean and how you feel about your hair'.

    1. I'm delighted to see you're back in the blogworld, dear Gemma! I was also very happy to find you on instagram :)

      Oh, I wish my hair would have made the same transition as yours -black with red hightlights, amazing!! You have such beautiful hair...I always wanted to have dark hair like yours.

      Thank you for reading all through my long rambling and sharing your own hair story

  2. Marguerite, you can't begin to know how much I love your blog and photos (and your 'carrot' hair, which I think is beautiful!). I've been growing my hair all year but my natural colour is still as dull and mousey as ever... But, if I were you, I'd embrace the more intensive colour because it is gorgeous :)

    Cat xxx

    1. Thank you, Cat! You always spoil me with your sweet comments!
      You give my carrot-head a little bit more self-confidence :)
      And you lovely Lady shouldn't talk that bad about your pretty locks! I think you have beautiful hair, it always looks perfect!

  3. I LOVE your red hair..infact, for YEARS I was bleaching my dark brown/black hair just so I could dye my hair red...I loved being a redhead..but I damaged my hair so bad that I just went back to black...
    but the whole point is, you look AMAZING with fiery red locks..

    1. Oh, thank you, Kristin! Isn't it funny that we always want what don't have? I ALWAYS wanted to have black hair (but it sadly doesn't suit me at all!) and then you have beatiful deep black hair by nature and dyed it red...weird world!

    2. Yeah, people tend to want what they do not have..I would LOVE to have been blessed with fiery red locks..:)
      Im glad you liked my post about you...I absolutely adore your blog, and your style..if you dont mind me asking, where do you find such great clothes (all the full skirts, and cute floral crop pants..ect)??

  4. Is that you in all your photos throughout your blog???

  5. 1. Love your hair colour
    2. mine is never brighter only darker (blonde)


  6. ginger hair is (to me, at least) the most beautiful of all hair colors :)
    embrace it and flaunt it!

  7. Oh man oh man! I can very much relate to this post :( I too am a natural carrot head :( i lamented it for years and longed the day when i was old enough to dye it and did so for four years! I am now back to my natural ginger roots and i do feel a little self conscious sometimes (i wish i was blond again! Even if it was a dead kind of blond) but the not dying part is amazing!! (i am still waiting for my Gilbert Bylthe to love my carrot head though)

    You are so beautiful that im sure you can pull off ANY hair colour you wanted! And your hair is practically glimmering here O_O! Embrace the ginger! xxxxxx

    ps yesss to hair colour evolving! My hair is a much more red and less orangey than i remember it? Maybe it was all the bleaching/dying? xxx

    1. Oh, you're a Ginger too, Tilly? Funny that we went back to our natural roots around the same time, don't you think?

      And I know what you mean, I miss my blond hair so so much! But it also feels good be "myself" again...and not to think about roots anymore!!!

      It's very interesting that you made the same experience with the colour evolving, I guess than that is a natural effect after the long bleaching and dying!

      Don't worry, we'll embrace that Ginger!!!!

    2. Ohhh yes i am a ginger through and through (look! >>>
      I think gingers have special gingy senses! Our carrot heads are psychically connected O_O hehe.

      Oui oui both blond and brown i miss :( i felt safer with those shades! People do say you look the best with your natural colour though and red hair suits my skin better i guess >_<

      Yayy we shall embrace the ginger together whist reading Anne of Green Gables! xxxx

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