December 21, 2012

festive and what not.

I have no idea why i was so into decorating this year, but I thought it would be nice to share some of my attempts on here before I'm off to celebrate Christmas with my family. I hope to finally cure my insomnia over the holidays with a lot of lazy family time and eating myself into a coma!! I also still have a long list full of your tips for my sleeping problems to try far I tried switching to tea on your advice and cut out coffee completely (so proud of myself for that one!!!) I also followed your recommendations to get me some audio books to listen to at night -and it already helped a bit, in the last few nights I was actually able to close my eyes for a few hours. The only advice I just can't see myself following is the sport thing -to be fair, it is the most logic one: it's tiring, releases stress and it produces endorphins...but no, that's not gonna happen...not me and sport! But even more than those tips, it helped me to read all of your sweet and thoughtful words and to find out that many of you share this problem with me "a burden shared..."you know. Thank you very much for caring so much and I hope you'll have lovely holidays!


  1. I wish you a Merry Christmas, with full 8 hours sleep nights. Merry Holidays.

  2. beautiful Christmas decorations and Christmassy atmosphere, Marguerite!
    I am sure you're going to spend a lovely time with your family!
    happy Christmas! :-)

  3. Suddenly can be what you may need, these holidays. Hopefully things will work out. Nice shots!