January 21, 2011


he is a lion of the frozen Serengeti
thrusting himself forward with brazen
speed and nameless fleeting desire
to roil among the bearded men with
shovels who dig out the basements of
the homes to come, ending young Asim’s
romping fields of wonderment and joy

he is a lion of the morning Serengeti
meeting new dogs by cowering belly
to the ground and shuffling forward
like a reverse hunter, inching forward
to give himself up to the quarry, allowing
them dominion for the one moment
needed to recognize friend or foe, and then
the joy commences, and be it a sleek
running greyhound or a bearded terrier,
the two hear no calls but the frenzied
pace of their short-lived friendship

he is a lion of the frozen Halensee
lord and master of all he sees, until,
finally, her calls bring him back to her
and he is proud of his thick black leash
proud to be the protector
proud of her silken blonde hair furling
in the November breeze on their
cobblestone walk home, where finally,
he is the lion of the third-floor Serengeti

by James H. Duncan

lion of the frozen Serengeti




find the dogs



the lion sleeping

Thank you James, Asim and I are so very sad that you can't join us anymore on our walks -we miss you!!


  1. Those photos are beautiful!

  2. The picture before the last one is so beautiful! Your doggie melts my heart! What a cutie! :-)
    You two make a cute team!

    PS: you're a good photographer!

  3. such a wonderful, wonderful light in these photos!!!

  4. I love your dog! So cute (:
    xoxo from Hannie

  5. I can tell your puppy is very lucky to have you. I think you really love him. Too cute.



  6. oh I just want to squeeze your dog haha but don't worry i won't :]
    These photos are amazing! especially the last two and the light on the one before last is just magical!<3

  7. He is such a cuttie :D still checking your blog, but i am already lovin´ it ! thanks for following! greatings from Ghent!***

  8. 100% adored. the photos, the dogs and that magnificent prose! james is some kind of wordsmith, wow. i'd love to see that framed in your home, it's such a wondrous tribute. ♥

  9. I see his name is Asim :-) beautiful!

  10. Hey so im goin through your blog.. and asim looks so much like my own dog.. and your blog is brillaint, as are you guys..