January 29, 2011

a recurring conversation with myself.

silly hand moves part 1

...my bangs are too long...

silly hand moves part 2

...I have to cut them...

hair in my eyes

...no, I'm just too lazy...


  1. no! I love your bangs! they look so amazing and perfect! :) I think you're beautiful <3

  2. I have this conversation with myself as well! But you look pretty with long bangs, I just look like I need a haircut.

  3. super cute! i love the red lips! :)


  4. Funny... just had the same thought 2 minutes ago, and then i arrived to your blog. Maybe its the destiny telling me to leave the laptop and go cut mines! =D

  5. awe, that is such a cute post! made me smile at the end, knowing exactly what you mean. but i love your bangs, they sit just perfect and wish mine would lay that same way. my gosh, you are a lovely girl! ♥

    pea ess: thanks for visiting me and your thoughtful comment which also made me smile.

  6. probably said this before but you are so beautiful ♥