February 15, 2011

a dog's face.



Thank you for all your lovely comments, I guess my last two posts were a little bit moody and I may have started 2011
too negative. This time of year is tough on most of us, the cold and darkness seem to kill anything creative, but your
sweet, motivating words made me concentrate on the more positive things around me. Like the kindhearted lion that
shares this (occasionally dull) life with me, we went on extra extra long walks and met up with his best dog-friends.

So this is another post dedicated to Asim, I get told a lot that I take too many pictures of him, but I just can't help myself
-that face lights up my darkest moments:



  1. he's a beautiful dog! Nice photos!

  2. With a face like that, how could you not take photos?! :)

  3. Thanks for visiting our blog...your Asim is just gorgeous! Looks like the two of you have a wonderful life together.

    Amber & Nala

  4. Marguerite, how do you take such wonderful photos? Please tell us what camera/lens combination you use because try as hard as I can, I cannot replicate the richness of colour that your photos have. Neither do I have as good an eye for composition, but that's a different subject! Oh, and I'm glad you're feeling more positive. I'm in Australia for a while and as always travel to a new location has really lifted my spirits. Perhaps yo should travel more?

  5. Ahh he is adorable!

  6. how sweet! The companionship a dog can give you is something very special. And it is very evident that you two are very close. Keep taking these wonderful photos of him! I know its kind of silly but your images always remind me of those old childrens storybooks about little girls or boys and their beloved pup. Adorable <3

  7. Alexandria: thanks, he sure is a handsome guy, right? ;)

    James: that's what I said!!!!!!!!!

    Amber and Nala: It was a pleasure visiting your sweet blog, I sure will be back often!

    Merlinboss: Thank you very very much, I used my Contax RTS for these shots, but maybe I'll go into detail about my cameras/lenses in a future post, I'm always interested in that too when I visit other blogs. You're sure right, I should travel more, but right now I have to wait till my baby lion is a little bit older before I can travel the world again! Have a great time in Australia!

    Hannah: I know :)

    Erica: that's not silly, it's a wonderful thing to say, that thought will make me smile all day -thank you very much for your sweet words!! It means a lot to me, especially as I adore your photography so much <3

  8. oh marguerite,

    i finally had some time to catch up on my favorite blog reads and am beyond happy to see handsome asim up front and center!

    i just want to rub his head crinkles, i bet they feel like velvet. what a good boy! never too many photos of him in my opinion and today it's perfect b/c like for you he is brightening my moment just now.

    i do hope you are feeling less of the melancholy but i also know when those feelings come along it's best to move through them and not fight it or cover them up. you're on the right path lovely, those walks will be most healing and invigorating. ♥

  9. There can't be too many pictures of Asim, I'm head over heels!

  10. Your dog is so adorable, and I really like your blog :)