February 6, 2011

zu dunkel.

zu dunkel

myself in that painful february mood.


  1. I like the song.
    It goes well with the photo too.
    Thanks for the follow, btw.
    I like your blog too.

    Take care! <3

  2. M, you're pictures are amazingly atmospheric and have a timeless quality. And regarding January, don't be too harsh on it. It may be a tough month in some respects but it has a special role in our lives in seeing out all the memories of the year gone. Not easy, but it also promised so much for the year to come.

  3. oh marguerite, so beautiful. the song fits perfectly with the visual.

    i had a bit of the mopes in january but feb hasn't been as glum. wishing you more blue sky days ahead and lots of lovely dog walks to brighten your spirits!!! ♥

  4. Alexandria: I'm happy you like this post...and my blog too! <3

    Merlinboss: Thank you very much, your thoughtful comments always make me happy. And you're right, I may have been a little too hard on this first two months, they can be tough, but they are still a very important part of the year -thanks, for reminding me!

    Lynn: Oh, a blue sky day would be lovely right now, Asim and I really need that...and some sunshine!! but for now, thank you for lighten this day a little with your sweet words!

  5. This song is so beautiful marguerite!
    Is the singer by chance Vashti Bunyan
    it reminds me of her voice and musical style.

  6. Keila: I love Vashti Bunyan, and this piece reminds me a bit of her work too, but it is by Sibylle Baier, a german actress that recorded this songs at her home in the early 70s, and 30 years later they have been put on CD by her son.

  7. Im really glad that her son decided to put this out after all these years. And thanks so much for sharing! I look forward to future posts on your lovely blog.

  8. wow love the song, i miss you sorry for my absence , i will never forget u because i love your blog

    i am going to download this song right after this :)

    and beautiful photo , love the mood in it

    with love


  9. vampire: Oh, I missed you and your sweet blog too, Jasmine!

  10. I love Sibylle Baier!!!!
    Her voice and music is lovely...
    Your post is beautiful.
    Cheer up though ok?

  11. I found a photo album in some of my moms things.It had pictures of 2 women that went on a tour of Europe.One of the ladies name was Marguerite Dunkel. It was in 1931,didnt know if mabe you might of known or mabe related to this lady.She was accompanied with another woman named Doris Manning.Was just wondering,the pics are awesome