December 29, 2011

and yet another post-christmas post.

I know we all have been bombarded with christmas stories over the last days, and probably all of you are already
fed up with pictures of shimmering trees and cute presents. However, I personally am very happy about every single
bit I can get of this post-christmas hype! After the long search for a new home and the stressful move, Christmas
came so fast this year that I hold on to any little thing that keeps this kitschy, glittery feeling of the holidays alive!
Oh, and Asim felt very festive too this time when he received his first wrapped present...
Asims first Christmas present!
...Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Wunderh├╝bsche Christbaumkugeln hast du - die Lichter sind toll. Es sieht gem├╝tlich aus, obwohl du gerade umgezogen bist, wirkt alles schon richtig eingelebt.

    Asim hat sich's schmecken lassen? :)

  2. I also cannot get enough of Christmas Holidays :-) mine were beautiful too.

    happy new year :-)

  3. I like the feelings in your pictures and your dirty scanner as well. Where is it you're from?