December 31, 2011

what ever happened to all the fun in the world

So, it's New Years Eve again...I don't know if you're reading my little blog since last year, but I am not the biggest
fan of all the New Years celebration. I just don't know how to stay in a good mood while I constantly get reminded
that another year has gone by, that I'm one year older again...sure, you can see it from the "half full" point of view:
it's a new beginning, you could do everything better this time, I know. And it's not that I didn't try to celebrate it,
I tried the stay-at-home-with-friends version, but that ended in me drinking too much champagne and falling asleep before midnight. Oh, and I tried going to a big party with veeery hip people, watching the skyline at midnight on a rooftop, but I sprained my foot on the way up and sat downstairs all night with a swollen ankle -let's just say, it's
not my thing...and the world will end in 2012 anyway so who cares.
But...yeah...still Have a Happy New Year everyone!!!!


  1. I do not like big celebrations either.
    but I like to hope that the new year will be more beautiful than the old one :-)
    happy new year to you and your beautiful dog!

  2. Verliebenswert, insbesondere das Bild mit Asim...

    Ich habe dieses Jahr auch keine Pläne gemacht. Vielleicht gehe ich um Mitternacht auf die Strasse, aber wahrscheinlich bleibe ich doch lieber in der Wohnung und beruhige die Katzen. Vielen Dank für die Bilder aus 2011 und Viel Glück für 2012, liebe Marguerite und Asim!

  3. Hoping you have a great New Year and Best Wishes for 2012

  4. So much pressure to conform. Never mind, I'll party on your behalf! Happy New Year and looking forward to the 2012 blogs.

  5. I always feel awkward when it comes to New Years Eve. However, I do enjoy watching spending the celebrations with family.
    Happy New Years to you! I hope 2012 will be a year of success.

  6. Anyway, your pics are fun & sad at the same time.. BUT so interesting...

  7. i've always liked big festivals. but my celebrations have always ended up shitty. life sucks!

    *was that a great dane?! :)

  8. All this while i always thought i am the only one who felt the same way about celebration, New Year's Eve has always been my least fav of the year , which i agree i am getting older, sometimes reflecting back the past months and realized i have achieve nothing makes it even sadder

    but anyhow I wish you all the best for the coming days, may it be good for both of us :)

  9. Give yourself a chance and really believe its the total new beginning :)

  10. I have the same feelings! I was adamant this year that I would do nothing and yet I still ended up cooking for an entire room of people, running around the city, and drinking too much free champagne at a bar at midnight. :/ the hangover the next morning was such a great start to the new year. oh well! Happy New Year!

  11. Even under the bright lights of NYC, my Eve was similar; a strange holiday indeed...