July 6, 2012

with my mothers 1st camera.

The sweet comments you left on my last post really lifted up my mood (thank you for that!) And even though I'm still not very excited with my photography at the moment, I thought I share some Holiday pictures from a trip Asim and I made last week. Holiday pics are always fun, right?...or was it boring and dull?...can't remeber...Anyway! I took these snapshots with a camera that knows me since I was a baby, it's a Canon t50 that my mother bought in New York many, many years ago on 42nd street. It was her first "real" camera, back then she didn't even know that cameras could be bought separated from lenses (that's the story she always tells me when she sees this camera ALWAYS). Most of my childhood pictures where taken with this thing, so it was a lot of fun to use it myself for the first time...even though I will never really get used to the fact that I can't direct the shutter speed.

Wanna see a picture that this camera took in the good old childhood days? Here you go:

this pic was taken by (who else but) my maman. That's me in the right corner, trying to walk like a ballerina...or a model?? I can only guess...but seeing how I walk today, I think I have lost my grace!


  1. Lovely photos. :) I wish it were cool enough here to explore. I have cabin feaver!

  2. Superschöne Fotos. Es sieht aus wie Ferien in Bayern. Erinnert mich ein wenig an unsere Umgebung hier. Du übernachtest in dem VW Bus? So einen Bus wünsche ich mir schon lange. Das muss ein Gefühl von Freiheit sein.

  3. I love these! They look just like charming summertime vintage photos!

  4. Your photography is beautiful as ever. I have been so eager to explore but my home is in the desert and I am moving to the city... I want to go someplace beautiful like that! Also in my brain you are the real-life Briar Rose. You're so lovely and I adore your hair, not to mention that sweet little doggie of yours! :) Best wishes!

    1. Briar Rose...Oh, I think that's the sweetest compliment I got in a veeeery long time -thank you, Jesse! Don't be sad about moving to the city, a big new city is perfect to explore...you'll have a lot of city adventures soon!

  5. lovely photo's, love the flashback to childhood. I love all my childhood photo's they always make me laugh at the silly things I used to do. I love holiday photo's I think they make the holiday last a little longer. Just put up some photo's of my holiday to Crete x x

  6. You have a fabulous bottom.