March 7, 2013


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A few days ago I accompanied a friend on his Swedish furniture shopping tour and while he was trying to decide between two rice paper lamps that looked the same (my opinion only) I ambled through those giant storage racks that we all know. I found a trolley loaded with big boxes just standing there by itself and somehow thought it was the perfect mobile tripod to take the first shots of this post. Probably all just happened because I was incredible bored or because that normally so crowded place was weirdly deserted that day, but anyhow, they turned out quite nice, I think.

...afterwards I've been told that I'll never be taken shopping again.

Note: last picture by Maik K.


  1. i've never been to Ikea. We only have one mini supplier in nz. BUT we do have Keas. Which are birds. they're really cheeking and rip bits of cars and live in the mountains. I was going to attach a picture link but they are too long. They're very pretty!!! xx

  2. Even in an IKEA store you look so stylish! Very good photos, I'm amazed x

  3. Great photos! I didn't know IKEA could look this pretty :)

    On another note, I just added a blog roll to Take only Memories and included your beautiful blog :) xx

  4. Hello you :)

    I stuble upon your lovely blog a few minutes ago
    and I'm so happy that I found you. Your photographs are wonderful!

    You have a new little reader now.

    have a lovely day.<3

  5. you look really lost in this huge store~
    i never thought that photos taken in ikea could be so interesting ;>
    you look very pretty~

    [my cute weirdoland -]