January 31, 2011

january in retrospect.

Christmas in January

the bridge

New Years Eve leftover


I don't really know if I like January, not particularly this January, just the month in general. People are wishing me
a happy new year, a good start, but everything around me looks like a big leftover plate, Christmas leftovers, New
Years Eve leftovers...even the snow looks like it passed it's due date.


  1. That first picture is perfect. It IS "January in Retrospect."

    I really like this post :)

  2. "past it's due date", what a perfect way to put it. love those photos though, the sepia tone is a slam dunk and asim looks so regal!!! ♥

  3. Sorry for replying so late, my internet is terrible at the moment!

    Catie Beatty: thank you, I'm very happy that you like it so much!!!

    valnouveau: thanks!

    Lynn: thank you very much -your sweet comments always bring a smile to my face!

  4. Such great work...was this taken with the "new" camera of yours? I like the sense of expectation in the second photo, as if Asim knows someone or something is just over the bridge...his constant need for adventure revealed! And you know how I feel about the other photos. Fantastic work as always, and it's wonderful to be able to stop by and see you from across the sea :)

  5. James: yes, they were taken with my "new" old camera ;)
    Oh, you describe Asim so well, he truly is in a constant need for adventure...and I'm very proud that you think I was able to capture that!

  6. those pictures are lovely! so nice january has already left!

  7. i share the same thinking , but i dont like January because its the beginning of everything , new resolutions , another year of making promises to myself but all were empty promises lol

    it kinda hurts when people wishes me Happy New Year , because to me there is nothing to be happy about..